National Museum of American Jewish History - EventQuip

Lansdale, Pa.

Project: National Museum of American Jewish History
Category: Party tent rental
Size: 24,000 square feet

Five 53ft tractor trailers and 10 24ft flatbeds hauled 395,650lbs of equipment. In 24 hours, a 53-man crew installed a 17,000 square foot structure using 580 sheets of plywood, 460 2 x 8in. x 20ft stringers, 190yds of carpet, 7,000 square feet of support tenting and 160,000lbs of concrete to secure the tenting.

The objective was to create overnight a fantastic, 800-person ballroom on a busy, 50 foot-wide city street.

The most complex aspect of the project was the time and space allotted for the installation. Because of the time constraints, everything revolved around creating a specific timeline for the install. Creative solutions were a key factor in staying on track and, more important, keeping the crew safe.

To quote the event planner, “Our guests from across the country were amazed and dazzled by the setup, commenting that they had never experienced anything like this.” The planner went on to say, “This was a monumental project to achieve perfection, which, in fact, was attained.” The experience gained from this installation is a bonus to the company. The success of this event serves as an incentive for others in the special event community to take a look at the tenting industry and realize what it can achieve.