Rapidly deployed structure - Cocoon Ltd

Cocoon (Europe) Limited
Lisburn, Ireland

Project: Launch of Cocoon rapidly deployed structure
Category: Tent manufacturing
Size: 9 × 30m trailered tent
Aluminum frame: Sapa UK
Fabric: Ulster PVC
Deployment trailer: Johnston Gilpin

The purpose was to design and produce a new structure, to have a product that would redefine the event structure space. The Cocoon is a unique large-scale structure that integrates frame, membrane and electrical services in a semi-automated deployment system, which greatly reduces labor, skill requirements and eliminates heavy-lifting equipment.

The Cocoon can be deployed with two personnel in two hours; the 6 × 2.5m automated trailer acts as transport, deployment and storage device for the full tent. The frames can be prewired with services for plug and go easy use omitting repeated rewiring with every use. All heavy lifting is done by the trailer unit.

The trailer is remotely controlled (in 2012 this will be replaced by an app on a smart phone). Limited construction is needed as we do not have a multicomponent system. The frame is unfolded and locked where one connection replaces multiple bolts at a given joint.